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Award winning Soprano ICE Laser

Free consultation & trial treatment


"Visible results after 1 treatment"

- Brown Laser Clinic


Brown Laser Clinic is the expert in safe and effective laser hair removal. From armpits to toes, from bikini line to legs, from chin to stomach - and anywhere else you want to get rid of unwanted hair. All of this is made possible with the award-winning Soprano ICE laser.

Receive a complimentary trial treatment during an consultation!
Schedule an consultation at the Brown Laser Clinic and experience a free trial treatment.



Free consultation & trial treatment

At Brown Laser Clinic we believe it is important that every client is well informed. This is one reason why we think it is important that clients first come by for a free consultation and trial treatment. We can also provide tailor-made advice here.


Treatment process

Once the treatment process has started, it is important that the treatment is completed every six weeks. This has everything to do with the hair growth cycle. More information will be provided here during a consultation. During the consultation, better advice can also be given about the number of treatments. This can differ per client and area.



With laser hair removal it is important that we achieve 85% to 95% treatment results. This requires multiple treatments, how much varies per client, area and hair type. Would you like advice? Feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation and trial treatment!

Certified personnel

Soprano ICE laser


Brown Laser Clinic specializes in laser hair removal with the Soprano ICE laser, the most advanced and newest laser technology at the moment. This laser makes it possible to achieve visible results after just 1 treatment.

To provide every client with the best possible advice, we offer a free consultation and trial treatment. During this consultation we ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are well informed before you start a treatment process.

“Jessy is a very friendly and pleasant girl. She makes you feel at ease and is very skilled in her work. Would recommend everyone to go to her.”


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