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Award winning Soprano ICE Laser

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Brown Laser Clinic utilizes the Soprano ICE Laser, the most effective hair removal laser currently available on the market. We use this laser to achieve the best possible and long-lasting results. In addition to effectively destroying unwanted hair growth, it can also be used on all skin types without the risk of skin damage. But what actually happens during a treatment? A laser is a powerful, focused beam of light that targets pigment, namely the hair follicle. The energy is converted into heat within the hair follicle. The follicle reaches approximately 70 degrees Celsius, which is sufficient to destroy it, preventing new hair growth. Successful treatment against unwanted hair growth requires that the hair contains sufficient pigment. Hair pigment is also known as melanin. Unfortunately, gray, white, blond, or red hair cannot be treated due to insufficient melanin content.

Suitable for all skin types

The Soprano laser from Brown Laser Clinic is suitable for all skin types, thanks to its unique SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology. With other lasers, it's not always possible to permanently remove hair from darker skin types. The Soprano ICE laser is suitable for skin types I-VI. Additionally, the Soprano ICE laser has the advantage that you only need to avoid sun exposure or tanning beds for 10 days before and after a laser treatment on the treated area. With other lasers, it typically requires avoiding sun exposure or tanning beds for 4 weeks before and after a treatment.

Laser hair removal more effective than IPL

Laser hair removal and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Technology) are both methods to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth. However, laser hair removal is more effective and notably safer than IPL. This is because the light beam emitted by a laser device is stronger and more focused than that of an IPL device. As a result, the laser device reaches the deeper hair follicles more effectively. The accompanying image illustrates the difference: the laser beam targets only the hair, while IPL affects the surrounding skin as well, increasing the risk of skin damage. This explains the significant price difference between laser and IPL treatments.

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