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Award winning Soprano ICE Laser

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  • Laser hair removal - upper body - price per treatment
  • Laser hair removal - packages - price for 6 treatments
    We also make tailor-made packages. Please feel free to contact us if your desired package is not listed. Payment in installments is possible.
  • Laser hair removal - lower body - price per treatment
  • Laser hair removal - face - price per treatment
  • What is the time interval between treatments?
    The time duration between treatments is: - For the face: 4 to 6 weeks - For the body: 6 to 8 weeks
  • What can I expect during treatment?
    We always check with the client to ensure they have followed the precautionary rules. If they have, we can proceed with the treatment. Before the treatment begins, we inspect the area to be treated. We check for skin damage, tattoos, moles, pigmentation, and/or excessively long hairs. Next, we mark off areas to be treated. A cooling laser gel is applied to this area to provide better conductivity and cooling during the treatment process. It's crucial for both the client and us to wear laser safety glasses; safety is always a priority. Each marked area is treated using SHR or HR techniques until the skin temperature in the area has gradually increased. After the treatment, the gel is removed, and the process is repeated for each marked area. Following the treatment, we schedule a follow-up appointment, typically between 4 to 8 weeks after the treatment.
  • How long does a treatment take?
    The treatment duration depends on the treatment area. Armpits take approximately 15 minutes from the inside to the outside and the entire legs an hour. We schedule 45 minutes for a free consultation.
  • When is treatment not allowed?
    During the consultation, we thoroughly discuss cases in which treatment is not advisable. However, it's helpful to review these beforehand to prevent disappointments. Below are the most common/important scenarios. Always inform the laser specialist if you are taking any medication or have any other special considerations. If you are using hormonal medications. If you are using medications that are photosensitive. If you are using homeopathic remedies. If you have cancer or tumors. If you have eczema or psoriasis in the treatment area. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, including more details about this. We cannot laser over tattoos; we cover them as best as possible. Effective treatment cannot be performed if you are under 16 years old. Treatment cannot be performed over a prosthesis such as a breast prosthesis or other foreign objects in the body, such as metal pins.
  • How many treatments do I need?
    This varies for each individual and depends on various factors such as hair color, skin type, hormonal changes, gender, and hair growth cycles. We offer packages of 6 treatments because this is the minimum number of treatments typically needed. However, this number is only an indication; there is no standard number of treatments because every person, every skin, and every hair growth pattern is different.
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  • How can I edit or delete the title?
    You can change the title of the FAQs in the formats. If you don't want to display the title, you can easily disable it under 'Information'.
  • What is the before and after care of a treatment?
    Within 24 hours prior to the treatment, shave the area. Note that waxing or epilating is not allowed. For SHR technique: Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and self-tanning products for 10 days before and 10 days after the treatment. For HR technique: Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and self-tanning products for 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after the treatment. Do not scrub or use a peel on the treatment area for 10 days before the treatment. Avoid using deodorant, body lotion, SPF, or other products immediately before the treatment. You may use these products after the treatment.

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